„Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”
( Dalai Lama )

Your place to share travel stories, useful information, experiences and the do´s and the dont´s about the places you have been.

What we call "Travellers Pin Board" is your chance to leave your travel experiences and show us the world through your eyes when you have been travelling it.

Travellers Pin Board is made for everybody and free of charge. Whether you´re going on a weekend city tour, summer vacation or travel around all spanish islands. Why not writing about it? Tell us what you think should be done or maybe not. Write to leave your experience or travel story and make sure that way, that other travellers and holidaymakers will have the same great time you had.

Create lasting memories

Do you remember your last journey, the most beautiful excursion you did or the most yummy meal you had? Did a friend ask you for tips because he was going to the same place as you? Now this is excactly the reason why we created the Travellers Pin Board. So people can find all this interesting informations and experiences, even in a fews years time from now.

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